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Marmot products are available in specialist sport and outdoor shops and in our Marmot brand stores. To find an authorized dealer in your area, please use our Dealer Locator.

You will find the complete Marmot collection on our website: „Products“

Whether it’s new products, technologies and collections or the recent achievements of our Marmot PRO athletes, our newsletter keeps you informed about Marmot-related news. Our news is also available real-time on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Marmot provides detailed information on all the technologies and membranes it uses for its products on its website. 

Almost all sleeping bags must be tested according to the requirements of the EN 13537 standard. This test indicates for which temperature range a sleeping bag is suitable. A distinction is made according to three different temperature ranges: the extreme, limit and comfort range. 

You will find a sizing chart and fit guide here: „Sizing Chart“.

Most of our products come with wash and care instructions. To maintain the performance of your products and extend their lifespan, we advise you to follow the wash and care instructions. For more information, see „Product Care“.

Each Marmot product has a label, on which the respective country of manufacture is named.

For questions about replacement parts, please get in touch with your Marmot dealer or contact us direct.

Regardless of the age of your product, there is an easy way to find the product number (and thus the product name): every Marmot product has a code sewn into it. For products from circa 1996, this consists of a letter followed by 4 to 5 digits (for example, D16540). For earlier products, a 4-digit number combination is used.

Marmot is fully committed to sustainability and environmental protection. There are more and more products in the collection that are made from recycled polyester, organic cotton and other environmentally friendly materials. We are guided by the following premise: If we can achieve the same or better product performance using eco-friendly fabrics, we will use them. 


To ensure that your claim or repair order is handled smoothly and efficiently, please return the product to the retailer from whom it was originally purchased. If this is not possible, please contact an authorized Marmot dealer in your area. Please note: retailers from whom the product was not purchased are not obliged to accept the product. Processing fees may be charged by the retailer. Please clarify this in advance.

Marmot guarantees the quality and lasting functionality of its products. Items with defects in materials or workmanship will be replaced or repaired, at the discretion of Marmot, for the entire realistic life of the product. Damage caused by external influences such as stone fall, sharp rocks, ski edges, sparks, fire etc. are not covered by our warranty.

Manufacturing and material faults are covered by the (lifetime) warranty. The term ‘materials’ includes fabrics, buckles / fasteners and zippers. The term ‘manufacturing’ includes seams, seam taping and the material’s coating or finish. Damage due to wear and tear (abrasion, UV radiation, rips and tears) and improper or negligent use is not covered by the warranty.

Of course, our products are designed for a long service life. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. The condition and composition of materials will deteriorate over time. Products can fade, moving parts will become worn. For warranty inquiries, signs of the aging process of your product – such as thinning and / or faded material, rips and tears and signs of abrasion, zippers that no longer function properly, frayed cuffs, etc. – will form part of our assessment. Generalized statements on the condition of your Marmot gear can’t be made, unfortunately. Wear and tear is highly dependent on the individual user and the way the product is used. A jacket worn by a mountain guide all year round will wear out much faster than a jacket worn by a weekend skier. Proper care will prolong the life of your gear significantly. We perform detailed checks on all products submitted and then decide on this basis whether the product is covered by the warranty or not.

Direct contact with sharp objects such as crampons, skis or snowboards can cause damage to clothing and gloves. Burn marks, rips and tears, worn areas and holes may also occur when using and carrying clothing and equipment. Damage of this kind is not covered by our warranty. In this case, please contact your dealer. Alternatively, we are happy to provide addresses of specialized outdoor gear repairers, with whom we have a very successful working relationship. 

If your Marmot product has a manufacturing fault, where possible the item will be repaired free of charge under the terms of our warranty. If your item is not repairable or the cost of repair exceeds the value of the product, we reserve the right to replace the item at our discretion.

We understand that customers will sometimes adapt their Marmot products to suit their individual needs. If faults occur that are not attributable to the respective changes or modifications, Marmot will honor its warranty in full, provided that the product has been used as intended. However, if the defects are due to the modifications or changes made the warranty will no longer apply.

Depending on the workload required to process your repair order, it may take about 3 to 5 weeks after receipt by Marmot. Following receipt and examination, we will notify your dealer and inform him of our assessment.

As an international company we are committed to the implementation of, and compliance with, health and safety regulations. Moreover, the protection of our employees is a top priority. We therefore ask you to clean all items thoroughly before returning them to us via your dealer. If an item needs to be cleaned before testing, we charge a fee of 15 €. You can find out more about the correct cleaning procedures for your gear under „Product Care“.

The costs incurred for shipment to Marmot are not borne by Marmot. Please clarify in advance with your dealer whether a shipping / handling fee is required. After processing the claim we will cover the cost of returning the item. Please note that the sender remains responsible for the product until we have acknowledged receipt. It is therefore advisable to use a shipping service with a tracking and tracing option.

All repairs that are covered by our warranty will be carried out free of charge. For repairs that are not covered by the warranty, the cost of labor and material are the decisive factors for the expected total costs. After examination and assessment of the returned item, we will contact your dealer and inform them of all the repair options and the associated costs. We will not carry out any cost-incurring repairs without receiving your prior agreement via your dealer.

Product care

To wash your Marmot technical clothing, use a residue-free soap or a surfactant-free detergent. We recommend the use of a special detergent, which can be bought at outdoor retail outlets.

Before washing, close the front zipper, the zippers on the pockets and the underarm zippers and all covering flaps and tapes and loosen the tension of all elasticated draw cords. Follow the care instructions that are sewn into the garment. Put the garment in the washing machine with a suitable detergent and wash the on a gentle cycle at max. 40 ° C. Please do not use washing powder, fabric softener or bleach.

After washing, take the garment out of the machine and shake it to remove excess water. If a dryer is available, dry the garment at a moderate temperature (max. 40 ° C) for about 40 minutes. This will reactivate the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish.

How frequently you should wash your clothing depends on how often and how intensively you use it. During intensive use, we recommend washing the clothing after max. 14 days of use. With normal / lighter use cleaning after 30 days of use is sufficient. As a general rule, if the garment is dirty, feels damp or clammy, fails to repel water or if water spots form on the surface, it is time to wash and dry it.

Wash the garment in accordance with the care instructions. Air-dry the garment or tumble dry it on a warm temperature setting. After the garment is dry, give it 20 minutes in the dryer at a low temperature on a delicates cycle to reactivate the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish. If you do not have a dryer, iron the dry garment at a low temperature (warm, no steam), placing a towel or cloth between the garment and the iron. The heat will reactivate the DWR finish. When the factory-applied coating can not be reactivated, you can treat the outer fabric of your garment with a DWR impregnation agent. This is available as a spray or wash-in formula. We recommend the spray version.

Washing down is very difficult, so we always recommend a specialized cleaning service in this case. From our own experience we can recommend the Outdoor Service team. For more information visit:

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