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A semester break with a difference!


At the end of February 2015, Marmot PRO Christina Huber and her climbing partner Caroline North made the first free and unsupported female team ascent of the Via dei Ragni on Cerro Torre. The only other all female ascent of Cerro Torre was back in 2005, when Monika Kambic and Tanja Grmovsek climbed the Compressor Route. During that ascent Monika Kambic was injured by falling ice on the headwall and to reach the summit they had to jumar the crux pitch on a rope fixed by another party.
After returning from Patagonia, Christina got in touch to tell us about her trip and her experiences on Cerro Torre.

“Caro and I had talked about going to Patagonia (El Chalten) back in the summer but it was October before we finally got our flights booked. Right from the start it was clear to us that we would have to get really lucky with the weather if we were going to have any chance of doing a big peak in the short time I had available. I only had three weeks max before

Happy Birthday Stefan Glowacz!


On 22 March Marmot PRO athlete and expedition climber Stefan Glowacz celebrates his 50th birthday. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him and to thank him for more than 12 years working with Marmot. Happy Birthday Stefan!

Read more about Stefan here.

Perfect ice in Tibet


Marmot PROs Albert Leichtfried and Benedikt Purner have been searching for ice in Asia. The two athletes went to the Alps of Tibet, east of the Himalaya and found numerous ice climbing lines in the Shuangqiao valley. This is their story:

We could not see our opposite in the old smoking kitchen. To interview the old, wise man of the town the wood fired stove had to give its best. Someone could see the story of the old man in his face in every detail. He told us about the valley and its development. First there only have been two bridges in the valley. Now there is a street all along the 38 kilometers of the whole valley. Tourists come to visit the fascinating nature and mountains, which rise up to 6000 m left and right of the valley. The valley itself is around 3500 m high and Tibetan people settled into this inhospitable place. This people live their life in a very easy and pure form together with free running sheep, cows, Yaks, pigs and many other animals. An unreal, friendly mute

First free female ascent at Cerro Torre


Wow what an achievement! Marmot PRO Christina Huber and her partner Caroline North just made the first free and unsupported female team ascent of the Via dei Ragni at Cerro Torre. The only other female team ascent of Cerro Torre had been done by Monika Kambic and Tanja Grmovsek back in 2005, when they climbed the Compressor Route. During that ascent Kambic got hit by falling ice in the headwall and to reach the summit they jumared the crux pitch on a rope fixed by another party. Two years ago Caro had reached the base of the last pitch with Laure Batoz from France.

Christina just wrote from Patagonia “We are more than happy!!! A childhood dream came true… probably one of the best routes in my life!” Congrats to both athletes for this impressive effort!

Stay tuned for a more detailed report in a few weeks.

You can find more information on Marmot PRO Christina Huber here

Video Release “Stomping Grounds”


Stomping Grounds! We are very happy to finally present this cool clip of Marmot PROs Katharina Saurwein and Jorg Verhoeven bouldering in Colorado.

You can watch the video here.

About the trip: Marmot PROs Jorg Verhoeven and Katha Saurwein return to America for an adventure in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado as an escape from the traveling life on the World Cup circuit. The duo spent one month bouldering in the high alpine of Rocky Mountain National Park where Katha was able to claim her first V13 (8B) and Jorg ticks some of the hardest climbs the area has to offer. Film produced by: Louder Than Eleven (

You can find more info about Katha and Jorg here: and
Watch more Marmot videos here:

Jorg Verhoeven free-climbs the Nose


Congrats to Marmot PRO Jorg Verhoven who free-climbed "the Nose" of El Capitan as fourth person in history.

This is what Jorg wrote on his Facebook-page yesterday: "Yeeeaaaaah! I freeclimbed the Nose!!! In three days time I managed to grab the 4th ascent of this iconic route. I sent the Great Roof first burn on day #2 and Changing Corners after two falls the next morning. So incredibly glad I pulled it through. A lot of respect to Lynn Hill for freeclimbing this route 20 years ago! At least the male/female statistics are equalized now Feels like a big chapter has come to an end. PSYCHED!!!"

We are looking forward to a more detailed report on that!

Hard ascents for Jim Pope


Marmot PRO Jim Pope,15, is on an incredible run of form at the moment with some super impressive achievements over the last month. It started with his win at the British Lead Climbing Championships in the Junior category, it is the first time he has topped the podium at this competition. After his crowning as champion he then went on to make a quick repeat of the classic Jerry Moffat route, Revelations f8b at Raven Tor in the Peak District needing just four short sessions. Whilst most 15 year olds are busy playing computer games or chasing girls, Jim didn’t stop and this weekend he returned to Raven Tor to complete Mecca f8b+ which he did in fine style. What’s perhaps more impressive is that Raven Tor is around a three hour drive from his home in North London … that’s dedication. There is an interesting article and video on UKC here:

Congrats Jim, keep on rockin'!

Everest Deadliest Day 2014


On October 9th, a panel of the UK’s top mountaineers will be discussing the events leading up to the recent avalanche on the South face Mt. Everest that killed 16 climbing Sherpas, and what this means for the future of Himalayan climbing and the economy Nepal. This event will be a fundraiser for the dZi Foundation, and all proceeds will go to supporting remote communities near Mt. Everest.

The panel discussion will include multi-media presentations, and will be moderated by Ben Ayers – a resident of Nepal for the past 15 years, and pioneer of the labor rights movement for expedition workers through his work with the local NGO, Porters’ Progress. He is currently the Nepal Country Director for the dZi Foundation.

The panelists include Doug Scott, CBE – who, with Dougal Haston, became the first Brit to successfully summit Mt. Everest in 1975 and is considered the father of alpine-style mountaineering. Rebecca Stephens is the first British woman to summit Mt. Everest and is

Video "Marmot Rides Osttirol 2014" online!


Let’s be honest, when we hear statements like “freeriders’ top tip“, we find it hard to believe it will really live up to our expectations. Untracked slopes, even after a lengthy period of fine weather? Guaranteed snow well into spring? A range of terrain, from sweeping big mountain lines to claustrophobic chutes and playful tree runs? A pristine natural environment far away from any concrete hotel blocks? Endless possibilities, from short boot-packing ascents to lengthy ski tours for endurance athletes? The tranquil Defereggen Valley in Austria’s East Tyrol truly has everything you could hope for.
The video "Marmot Rides Osttirol 2014" has captures the Defereggental's beauty - watch & enjoy!

Neil Mawson does FA of "Choronzon" E10/8b+


After several years of work, Neil Mawson recently could make the first ascent of "Choronzon", Pembroke's hardest route to date. Neil suggests the grade E10 or 8b+ sport grade. Read Neil's report about this truely amazing route:

"Choronzon climbs straight up the middle of roughly a 30 degree overhanging wall for about 30 metres, around the same angle and length as the North buttress at Kilnsey. I tried it on and off over the next few years but never got on it regularly enough to go for a lead. It was so hard with the conditions, British Summer weather and the fact it's five hours drive from where I live! The route breaks down into a cruxy 7c+/8a that's bold to a shake-out and a cluster of gear. Then it's a 9 move font 7b+ to some pumpy to place gear. It's by far the hardest trad route I've ever done or tried, so I think it's E10 but only repeat ascents will confirm that. It's certainly the hardest route in Pembroke with a sport grade of 8b+ just to top rope it! I've redpointed 3 8b+

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