NEW 3-Layer GORE-TEX® Pro
Designed for the most extreme conditions outside, the newest generation of GORE-TEX® Pro
products delivers uncompromised durable waterproof protection, with up to 28%, improved
breathability. Constructed of a new, patent pending, 100% ePTFE based multi-layer membrane
system these new PRO fabrics are the most durably protective mountaineering hard shell ever.

2-Layer GORE-TEX®
This 2-layer construction used for the GORE-TEX® products is designed for a wide range
of outdoor activities. A specific GORE-TEX® membrane is bonded to the outer material and
protected on the inside by a separate lining. The separate lining ensures better wearing comfort
and versatility.

PACLITE® Pro duct Technology
Paclite® product technology is the ideal solution for hiking, golf, travel and other activities
where space and weight are critical. A protective layer on the inside of the GORE-TEX®
membrane makes a separate lining unnecessary. The result: minimum weight and pack volume.

Marmot MemBrain FusionDri
A breakthrough new waterproof-breathable fabric that provides the ultimate in protection,
breathability and comfort. This innovative new 3-layer technology combines durable water and
wind protection with a highly breathable MemBrain laminate to a 3-dimensional wicking backer
for exreme comfort in high aerobic and everyday activities.

Marmot MemBrain®
Proprietary PU film laminate. Balances the best performance in breathability, waterproofness,
and water repellency with excellent durability. The hydrophilic nature of the PU film reduces
internal condensation and increases comfort range by reducing the chilling effect caused by
converting condensation build up back into vapor.

Marmot MemBrain® Strata ™
Marmot’s proprietary 2.5 layer lamination uses very small non-organic particles layered on
top of Marmot MemBrain® that prevents the membrane from direct abrasion and creates a
very dry touch. The back print pattern is carefully designed to achieve the maximum durability
and breathability. Abrasion tests rate 4-5 times better than regular MemBrain® (which is why
regular MemBrain®, as well as all 2-layer laminates require a separate lining)
• Lightweight – 2.5 protective layer reduces skin contact eliminates need for lining or 3L
• Hydrophilic PU reduces condensation = more comfort
• Soft, quiet hand, and compressible

Marmot’s proprietary PU coating technology, specially engineered for unlined garments,
combines hydrophobic and hydrophilic PU with our special Dry Touch Technology in a very
precisely controlled 2.5 layer coating system. Dry Touch incorporates ceramic particles in the
surface of the coating reducing condensation, and the sticky clammy feel of most coatings.

Thermal R™
thermal r™ is Marmot’s proprietary family of poylyester insulations specifically engineered
to meet various needs from sleeping bags, to garments to gloves.Resilient, mid-loft, excellent
warmth to weight, and durable.