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Win your individual climbing coaching with Matilda Söderlund!
Grab your chance to win an individual climbing coaching with Matilda Söderlund at the Marmot Frankenjura Climbing Festival. You will spend a whole day climbing with Matilda and can get expert tips on specific training, technique and tactics for rock climbing. Moreover, you’ll get a brand new Marmot rock climbing outfit to always look good while training with Matilda!

The Marmot Frankenjura Climbing Festival takes place from 26 - 29 May 2016 in Königstein, Germany. For more information, see
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Matilda Söderlund
Lady in Pink
Her apartment in the center of Stockholm reveals a lot about Matilda Söderlund. Everything is bright, friendly, playful – simple but not minimalistic; tidy but not obsessively so. White is the dominant color, though everywhere pink splashes of color can be found: a pink bow next to the new sparkling quickdraws, a pink handbag next to the rain jacket in the cloakroom, miniskirts next to sportswear in almost exclusively feminine colors. Even the mobile phone, which she looks at a lot, is pink. Her favorite food? Apples, the “Pink Lady“ sort, of course. What is particularly likeable about Matilda: She takes her preference for pink with a smile and a good sense of humor.

The trade mark of the Swedish climber, born in 1992, is the combination of female esthetic and powerful climbing. For training and at competitions – 2013 she placed sixth in the World Championship and the World Games – she shows up with a pallets-studded handbag. Even under great physical stress she flicks her long blonde hair out of her face with grace. The movements of the native from Stockholm are calm and in control, both when climbing, as well as in everyday life. When the 1.74 meter tall, well-trained but not particularly muscular woman walkes through a crowd with her head held high and a elegant walk, all eyes follow her.
Her slow, deliberate climbing style – which has a special aesthetic appeal for spectators – she sees as more of a deficit she is currently working on. Another problem is her lack of patience with projects she cannot dispatch of in a short time. In recent years, the Swede, who is spoiled with success, has distinguished herself by fast redpoint ascents for which she never took more than six attempts. In 2012 she did “Odd Fellows”, 8c, in the Frankenjura after only four attempts. She has also climbed a few 8b-routes onsight as well as “Friends like you” (8b+, also located in the Frankenjura) flash. And since her redpoint of “Pati Noso” (8c+) in Siurana (Spain) in 2013 it is obvious that she belongs to the best female climbers in the world.

When asked about her general feelings and attitudes, “happy” is a word she often uses. If you ask her about setbacks or times of low motivation, she just laughs it off with her melodic laughter. If she sometimes lacks the focus to train, she reminds herself of her greater aims – a strategy that also helps her with her studies of economics at the Business School of Economics in Stockholm. A closer look, though, reveals strict discipline behind her seemingly easygoing way of life. A sign saying “Study hard, have fun, sleep well“ hangs in her appartment, and next to it she has put up long To-do-lists, as well as training plans and timetables for preparing for her exams. She allows herself time off training only one day per week. She does, however, make sure she always spends plenty of time with her friends.
From the start she didn‘t have it easy. Climbers from other nations travel in teams, but she always had to come to competitions alone. Even today it is hard for her to find climbing partners at her level in Sweden, let alone female climbing partners. This is why she teams up with strong female climbers from other countries as often as possible to get fresh motivation.

Slowly she is detaching herself of the competitive spirit she brought from athletics when she started climbing at the age of eleven. Thanks to the discovery of rock climbing, she is now competing against herself rather than others. However, her will to achieve the goals she sets for herself remains as strong as ever. The fact that the seemingly impossible has proven time and again to be feasible in climbing, gives her self-confidence. On the other hand, she tries to define herself not only by athletic performance. Encountering Matilda shows: The energetic Swede manages – more than most others – to face the double burden of sports and university with cheerfulness and to draw energy from both sources for new goals.
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Matilda in a Nutshell

Name: Matilda Söderlund

Sports /Profession: Climber / Student

Birthday: 21.05.1991

Sport Highlights:
• 6th place at the World Championship and World Games 2013
• 'Pati Noso' (8c+, Siurana/ES)
• 'Odd Fellows' (8c, Frankenjura/GER)
• 'Prime Time to Shine' (8c, Clear Creek Canyon/USA)
• 'Friends like you' (8b+ flash, Frankenjura/GER)

What gives you Life?: New experiences, challenges, people and having fun =)
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