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It’s that one crux move that Stefan Glowacz and Markus Dorfleitner shook off day after day, week after week, month after month and, in the end, year after year. The mysterious “Black Wall” in hell valley, on the north side of the Wetterstein mountains above Garmisch Partenkirchen in Germany. In 2001, the professional climber and...

Stefan Glowacz and the second part of Greenland

After Marmot athlete Stefan Glowacz crossed Greenlands inland ice back (1000 km) last year, he now came back to complete his expedition. Last years attempt to end this expedition with a climb of a big wall at the east coast failed due to several reasons. This year, the 1300 meter high big wall should get...

Scientific adventure in Mozambique’s rain forest

When Prof. Julian Bayliss (http://julianbayliss.co.uk/) found this special mountain formation on Google Earth satellite imagery, his scientific heart began to beat higher. “I’ve done similar scientific expeditions in Africa, but this one immediately looked very special to me. Almost like a fortress of rock.” says Julian. This is four years ago now. What followed was...

Sarah Kampf climbs “Battle Cat” (8c/+) in Frankenjura

Marmot PRO Sarah Kampf (formerly Seeger) recently could send “Battle Cat” (8c/+), one of Frankenjura’s most impressive lines. As Sarah reports, on the day of the send everything fell into place: “Succeeding in a project often depends on so many different factors, and luck is sometimes crucial. After a few weeks of high temperatures and...

Hannes Puman joins Marmot PRO climbing team

We are very glad to announce that young Swedish climbing talent Hannes Puman has joined the Marmot PRO climbing team in January 2018. Hannes is no stranger to the climbing community: In 2017, he finished the ISFC climbing World Cup as 11th, with his best result being a 4th place at the European Championships in...
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