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Marmot TechnologieS

Engineered for the Elements

Whatever conditions come your way, our high performance clothing and equipment is designed for all of your outdoor adventures.

Marmot TechnologieS


WarmCube™ works two ways to keep wearers warm better than traditional construction.

1. 3D cubes keep insulation in place, preventing migration and eliminating cold spots.

2. The channels between the cubes fill with warm air, quickly building a second source of insulation.

It compares to the warmth of 700 fill power down, but while natural down loses its warmth when wet, the synthetic 3M ThinsulateTM insulation kees performing, so you’ll never think twice about the weather. It is ultra-light, compressible and its 75% recycled materials are cluesign-approved. The next generation of synthetic insulation!

Primaloft is a warm, lightweight synthetic insulation that stays warm even when wet.

SpiralFil is a unique blend of large, spiral hollow fibre for loft, and small polyester fibres for warmth, softness and compressibility that we use in our synthetic sleeping bags. It provides an exceptional combination of warmth, softness, low weight and compactibility. Thermal bonding ensures long-term durability.

Polartec Alpha is a new concept in synthetic insulation focused on unsurpassed thermo-regulation. Its unique knit structure allows for wrm air to move from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration creating a more even distribution of warmth within the garment. It dries 20% faster than conventional synthetic insulations.

By putting a hydrophobic layer on each individual plume of the cluster, Down Defender helps prevent down from clumping and losing its loft when exposed to water, thereby greatly increasind its ability to keep you warm and comfortable. It stays drier 10 times longer and maintains 150% more loft than untreated down in damp conditions.

Marmot’s polyester insulations gives excellent warmth to weight, resilient loft & durability

Marmot TechnologieS


Waterproof rainwear that reimagines performance and sustainability.

Comfortable waterproof and breathable 2 layer coating technology

The m1, m2 & m3 classification makes it easier for you to pick the right softshell garment.

m1: Windproof and water resistant, best for low impact activities.

m2: Best performance at moderate activity in cold and dry weather.

m3: Suited for high impact activities in dry and mild conditions.

This 2-layer lamination creates a soft, quiet waterproof and breathable fabric with superior performance. With excellent breathability and long-term durable waterproofness this advance fabric technology brings a new level of performance to value conscious consumers.

10.000 mm

10.000 gm / 6-8 Hohenstein RET

GORE-Tex Products with Paclite technology are the ideal solution for activities where space and weight are critical. A protective layer on the inside of the GORE-TEX membrane makes a separate lining unnecessary. The result: minimum weight and pack size.

20.000 mm

5-8 Hohenstein RET

Marmots most comfortable coating technology. NanoPro’s superior microporous structure is dynamically air permeable, allowing for air exchange to help shed excess moisture vapor without compromising the waterproofness of windproofness of the garment.

10.000 mm

5 – 5.4 Hohenstein RET

Marmot TechnologieS

Wind & Heat

WINDSTOPPER performs well in outdoor activities, such as hiking, backpacking, cycling, mountain sports, skiing, snowboarding and trekking where weather conditions might include strong winds, light snow and rain. It retains heat not moisture and is 2.5 times warmer in 30mph wind thank traditional fleece with no loss to breathability.

Helps you stay dry and comfortable when you start to perspire

SolarShield is built-in sun protection withour the aid of topical treatments that can wash out over time. The fabric is designed to provide permanent sun protection through yarn and fabric construction, including weave, colour, weight and stretch. It protects you from the suns’s harmful rays with the Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50.

Delivers more insulation & breathability & keeps your skin dry when you sweat

Grabs moisture away from the skin & pushes it to the outside of the fabric

AirExchange technology is a range of performance fabrics that are engineered to be up to 50% more breathable and dry up to 20% faster than fabrics without this technology. Without the use of topical treatments, it allows a high amount of air to pass through keeping you cool during your fitness activities and adventures on the trail.

This technology increases the interior comfort of the garment by pulling the moisture away from the skin, enabling the wearer to feel less clammy and more comfortable. The ultra-light mesh prevents condensation from collecting on the skin no matter what the level of activity due to its 3-dimensional knit structure.


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